Why I tell stories

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I was initially drawn to the visual aspect of digital storytelling, watching a well-lit scene or an expertly composed image gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside, I just love beautiful visuals. I soon realized that visuals alone are an empty vessel, they are meant to serve a purpose, they exist to help tell a story.

In the process of capturing people’s journeys with a camera I discovered that I tell stories as a way to create a connection between those who care to watch, I value the opportunity to bring attention to feelings and emotions that we all experience as individuals but somehow we manage to convince ourselves that they are unique to us. When you listen to someone’s struggles and aspirations, when you have the chance to follow someone around as they go through their lives, you begin to understand how much we are all alike.

I like to tell stories as a way to give the viewer a window into a world that they otherwise wouldn’t have easy access to, because I believe that when you are exposed to someone else’s reality you get to understand their motivations and desires, which at the very least can bring about empathy and acceptance. Ultimately I like to tell stories to help me make sense of my own existence, and as a way of feeling closer to those around me.