There is a powerful story in everyone I meet

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My job most of the time is to see visualize scenarios, how do I feel something should look, how should the lighting go, the camera angles, all that good stuff, but the hardest one to figure out is the feel, what do I want the audience to feel, especially with real life-documentary type of material. Is the person sitting in front of me ready to really open up? Is it going to at least come close to what I expect or want?

There’s only one way for me to figure this out, and I’m ready to share my secret, it’s all in the eyes. I’ve sat down with so many people in the past 10+ years, actors, kids, the elderly, you name it, and they all have the same thing in common, they are all holding up their lives in their eyes, you see the pain, the struggle, the funny, the crazy, everything is there, just sitting there all the time, my job is to get in there and find a way to get all that stuff out, maybe not all of it but the right amount for the piece to work and connect with you.

Yes, you can say that there’s some manipulation present at times if I see something that needs to come out, but I can assure you that it’s always worth it. I see pieces like our series le’ bostonians as an open invite to someone’s life, a short video in which we can all identify with something, we understand why these people do what they do, maybe helping us understand why do we really do what we do. I also pay my due in this process, I open up like a book as well, I become very vulnerable, I sincerely hurt and laugh along with them, and take their stories with me forever. It’s a beautiful exchange that happens.

I wanna know what moves people, I want to know how they got to be an escape artist, a ventriloquist, a stand-up comic, a therapist turned fashion blogger, a police officer, there is so much humanity there, so much to learn from your fellow man or woman. We are all in this together, the more we learn about each other, the bigger chance we get on being a decent human being and less self-involved.