Rare disease awareness short film: “5th Birthday”

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As many of you may know by now, we have been working with the AMAZING Patricia Weltin, she heads the Rare Disease United Foundation and Beyond the Diagnosis generating awareness, research, and a place for many families affected by a rare disease to discuss, join together and figure out how to better the lives of those affected. We’ve been planning for months to start producing educational videos directed at schools, we want to educate the young ones, the new generation about rare diseases and how they affect us all in many different ways, so we followed Patty’s lead and started working the first educational video for the Rare Education Reel!

After many brainstorming sessions at the office, it all came together, we had a script as a result of taking in all the suggestions from the team. We wanted to connect with the kids, we discarded heavy animation, we went for realness to avoid being preachy, boring and overwhelming with one fact after the other. We wanted the story to be told by a young mother in the middle of setting up her kid’s 5th birthday, we were going for a next-door-mom kind of look, luckily enough we know a great Boston-based actress perfect for the role, as a director I was sure that she was going to be perfect for the part. Our goal here was to connect with the kids, give them all the facts and stats in a natural and organic way, we didn’t want this to feel like a class or a PSA, this is just your neighbor talking to you.

We are really proud fo this project, and very thankful for the support from Cambridge Biomarketing, the response has been great, beautiful and positive, we are ready to produce many more, in the meantime check it out right HERE