I Remember Like It Was Yesterday #IRLIWY

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I’m a nostalgia fanatic. I’ve always been. With music, colors, movies, pictures and old coke bottles, you name it and I can find nostalgia in it. I decided to go out and interview people asking them something very simple, What do you remember like it was yesterday? One of those few memories we have that you can actually relive and physically feel, one of those moments that you can go back to and have that “oh, the good ol’ days” feeling. You can age, change and evolve as an adult but still, that memory is intact.

One of my first memories that I remember like it was yesterday is one that I revisit quite a lot, I was around 6 years old and I went to the store with my mom, while she tried on some dresses I ran around the store like a little lighting bolt, as usual, when finally I decided to hide between the dresses that were hanging from the round racks. I pretended that the store clerks were following me, so I watched them from the safety of my little cave. It rapidly became a safe place in my mind, a hiding spot that I only knew about. I remember the feeling of happiness in that moment when I found my first hideout outside of my house.

I’ve passed by that store hundreds of times until one day it was gone. The old sign with the 70’s typography and vintage look were gone. Along with the women’s dresses, the clerks, the parking spaces and my secret hiding spot. All of it gone. Sometimes I go back to that place in my mind. That little spot between the dresses, that place where no one could find me and I felt at ease. My heart shrugs a little bit every time I pass by that place and a big smile shows up on my face.

This is the first story I captured in NYC, at Washington Square Park:

#IRLIWY: Episode ONE

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Cheers to nostalgia!

By: Jorgy Cruz.