Indiegogo Documentary Trailer

he Indiegogo video for Wendi Starling’s ‘Funny Pains’ A powerful and beautiful documentary we’re trying to make about a talented woman stand-up comic in New York City that enjoys making people laugh, writing, wearing wigs and eating lots and lots of celery. Wendi is a survivor of rape and also lives with bipolar disorder. She...

VRPHYSIO: Microsoft Testimonials

People trying VRPhysio for the first time at New England’s Microsoft headquarters.

VPH Youth PSA 2016

The Division of Child and Adolescent Health at the Boston Public Health Commission implemented an HPV (Human papillomavirus) awareness campaign in all its adolescent youth engagement, peer leadership, health education, and school-based health center programs. In 2015, BAHEC summer students learned about HPV–a virus that can cause oral cancer in men and cervical cancer in...

VRPhysio: Redefine Therapy

For this project we decided to touch on how pain is a thief. It takes great moments, adventures and precious moments away from people that are suffering.

Bank TV Ad: ACAP

US in Progress is a biannual event held in June during the Champs-Elysées Film Festival in Paris and in October during the American Film Festival in Wroclaw. It’s a five-year-old industry event that aims to strengthen transatlantic film

Pulse@Masschallenge 3-Part Mini Doc.

The documentary form is our first love. We were very excited to capture the journey of a moment in digital health’s history that will never be forgotten, the first cohort selected for the Pulse@Masschallenge program.

EPK: “Un niño antiguo” (An antique child)

EPK for indie music artist Juango Davalos.

Short film: Tú te acuerda? (Do you remember?)

Award-winning short film from our director.

Cable company Tv Ad

TV ad for a major cable company, animation using a scene from “Avatar”.

Bank TV Ad