Project Category: TV Ads

New promotional video for VRhealth, new website coming soon!
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Thanks to our combined medical backgrounds and MD advisors, we’ve been able to produce high-quality content for the medical field, including surgeries for educational purposes, medical devices, and public service announcements for the Boston Public Health Commission.
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Animation project for one of the most accomplished mountain climbers in Latin America.
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The Happy Truck from Coca-Cola toured the world, we were able to capture one of their stops.
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Domino’s Pizza TV ad for the Latin American audience.
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For many years our director worked directly with McCann Erickson with the Nestlé brand, directing TV Ads and animations.
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People trying VRPhysio for the first time at New England’s Microsoft headquarters.
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For this project we decided to touch on how pain is a thief. It takes great moments, adventures and precious moments away from people that are suffering.
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US in Progress is a biannual event held in June during the Champs-Elysées Film Festival in Paris and in October during the American Film Festival in Wroclaw. It’s a five-year-old industry event that aims to strengthen transatlantic film
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TV ad for a major cable company, animation using a scene from “Avatar”.
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